How to record a video of an app in Windows 10 ( without installed software)

How to record a video of an app in Windows 10

If you need to record a video (of app) in PC, the first ideal on your mind is looking for third software, install the record video.

And the good news is in Windows 10, you no need to install any software, just do it by default function from Microsoft.

And this is video show how to do it in easily way:

Game DVR functions come within Windows is supposed to bu used for recording your gaming moment, this function also let you record video of any opening app or desktop software (not OS default areas like File explorer or Desktop)

  • First, open your app or desktop software, ex Microsoft Edge
  • Press Windows key + G
  • Click on checkbox Yes, this in a game on a prompt which ask you if you want to open the Game bar


  • A floating bar appear, and it bring various option for you. Click Record mic if you need record audio. Or simply way, just click Start recording


  • Press Windows key + G again then click Stop recording when you finish


  • Your video will be found at C:\Users\\Videos\Captures


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