How to stop automatically Update in Windows 10

The easily ways to stop Update in Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 force user download and install updates automatically, it’s terrible time when you have to go out or have a business to do but your PC is updating, and then it restarting.The ways sharing below will help you stop them.

More video to less reading:

Warning of stopping Windows update:

Microsoft said that automatic updates is a good thing, help your computer protected from malware, virus or bring new experience in using Windows 10. I also recommend leaving them on in general.

Stop Windows Update Service

Windows Update on Windows 10 can be stopped by followings simple steps:

  • Press Windows + R to open Run command
  • Type services.msc then press Enter
  • Scroll down to file Windows Update service in Service list which appeared, double-click to open
  • Stop Service if it running
  • Under General tab, change Startup type to Disable
  • Restart you PC,
  • Done

More Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Videos here:



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