How to customize Start Menu in Windows 10

How to customize Start Menu in Windows 10

The desktop Start menu finally come back in Windows 10, and a lot of feature and functionality com within it.

Want to customize your Windows Start Menu? There are several way for you:

Resize Start Menu:

Just use your mouse to drag from any edge, the Start Menu will be resized immediately


Rearrange or resize icon

If you want to rearrange icon in the start menu to display the app or the information which should be useful for you, just click and hold icon, then drag it into space where is the better for you.


Click and hold, then drag icon to rearrange icon in Start Menu

Wana resize icon in Start menu, just right-click on it, hove mouse over the Resize option and select small, medium, wide or large as following


Right-click on the icon for choosing a appropriate size

Adding item to the Start Menu or Remove

Pin an app to Start Menu help you access your usually quicker and more easily. Do it as following:

  • Right-click an app from all app
  • Select Pin to Start
  • Rearrange or resize icon for the wonder Start Menu


Easily way to adding new item to Menu Start in Windows 10

Remove icon from Menu Start in Windows 10? Just Right-click on icon and select Unpin from Start


And how to pin a specific Folder into Start Menu in Widows 10? Microsoft allow you do it easily by right-click on Folder, then select Pin to start.


Folder – icon in Windows 10 Start Menu can be removed like the way we do with another application icon above.

Choose which folder appear on the Start Menu

On the far left of the Start Menu in Windows 10, Microsoft design a tiny column with Power, Setting and User default appears. Click the button on at the top-left of Start Menu will expand column and show their full name.


Because we have a lot of space above 3 “folder”, you can add another Folder into the left-colum in Start menu:

  • On Start Menu, Click Setting/ Personalization/ Start
  • Scroll down then click Choose which folder appear on Start


  • Chose folder you want to appear on Start Menu by switching On – Off


  • New icon appear and their name display in the expand view


Others Start Menu Setting

Personalization from Windows Setting help you customize your Start Menu: choose most used apps or recently added app, choose which Folder appear on Start or user Start full screen, …

On Windows 10 Start Menu, Click Setting/ Personalization/ Start. You will find what you need





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