Windows 10 – How to control which apps run in the background

Apps allow run in the background in Windows 10 to help you receive notifications, new date or update your live tiles, it’s useful. But, do you know how much app is running on your computer? and how you turn off unnecessary app?

Read less, just watching video:

See what app have permission to run in the background

From Windows Setting wizard, you can see how much app are running:


  • Click Privacy in the Setting window
  • Scroll down to the bottom list, then select “Background apps”BG lisst.gif

Stop Windows 10 Apps from running in the Background

List of apps which have permission to run in the background appear with the“On/Off” toggle beside. Default is “On” for each of them, switch to “Off” to stop any you don’t want to auto run.

O offf.gif

Click On – Off to permission or stop app run in the background

Warning of stopping app run in the Background in Windows 10

If you prevent an app from running in the Background, you won’t get notification, won’t update live title or download new data. So, be carefully.

Bear in mind that: If you prevent the Mail app, you won’t notify when have a new emails. Of course, when you launch it, you also get new email but have to wait for updating new data.

How to stop another applications which automatically run in Windows 10?

More Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Videos here:


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