How to make Google is the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s Edge Web browser using Bing as default search engine – because Microsoft own Bing company – i think that. But search engine need to be personalized, everyone know which one they prefer.


Bing search is the default searching engine in Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft said that Bing provides an enhanced search experience, instant answers to any questions but Google Search Engine is the common choose .

This article help you change the default search engine of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 from Bing to Google search.

Read less, watch more:
  1. Visit Google in Microsoft Edge
  2. Click More option (…) at the upper-right corner, click Setting Settings.jpg
  3. Scroll down, under Advance Settings, click View Advance SettingsView Advance Settings.jpg
  4. Scroll down again, select Change search engineChange search.jpg
  5. Select Google Search, then click Set as default
  6. giphy

Typing in the search box again to see what changed.


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