How to “Turn off the light” when watching video in Microsoft Edge

YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Hulu, Metacafe, and others video-content website is popular in the century of Internet. They bring funny videos, useful videos and also advertising banner. So when watching video, people want to focus on what they are watching.

In Microsoft Edge – the integration browser in Windows 10, people can watch the video better thanks to “”Turn off the light” extension. By using this extension, the surrounding page “light” will be “turn off”, only video frame in on.


“Turn off the lights” bring a better view for watching video

You also can customize the background color, linear or choose a image from gallery or Show the button next the address bar for easily using.

Add and customize Turn of the light extension in Microsoft Edge as steps below:

  1. Click More (…) icon at the upper-right corner, select Extensionshow-to-turn-off-the-light-when-watching-video-in-microsoft-edge-10
  2. Click Get Extensions from the Store in the next windowhow-to-turn-off-the-light-when-watching-video-in-microsoft-edge-11
  3. Click on Turn off the lights for Microsoft Edge, Install to install Extension. how-to-turn-off-the-light-when-watching-video-in-microsoft-edge-1
  4. Wait a minute for downloading and installing then click Lauchhow-to-turn-off-the-light-when-watching-video-in-microsoft-edge-12
  5. Click Turn it on in the pop-up windowhow-to-turn-off-the-light-when-watching-video-in-microsoft-edge-13
  6. When watching a video, click on More (…) icon and select Turn off the LightsHow to Turn off the light when watching video in Microsoft Edge (21).jpg
  7. Donehow-to-turn-off-the-light-when-watching-video-in-microsoft-edge-15

Want to get more customize? Right click on Turn off the Lights, select Manage


On/Off extension or Show button next to address bar from this window


Click Option for more setting

How to Turn off the light when watching video in Microsoft Edge (133).jpg

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