How to use Web Notes in Microsoft Edge

Web Notes in Microsoft Edge useful when you want to highlight content of article, capture an image, quick draw and save them or send to your friend.Web notes allow you to do it within Microsoft Edge with no need additional software installed.
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How to use Web Notes in Microsoft

Web Notes icon appear next the address bar, click on icon near address bar to open application. Step by step as following:

  1. Visit the web page you’d like to take note
  2. Click Make a web Note buttonhow-to-use-web-notes-in-microsoft-2
  3. Using Web Note tool to make your note: Pen, Highlighter, Erase, Add a note or Crop screenhow-to-use-web-notes-in-microsoft-3how-to-use-web-notes-in-microsoft-4
  4. Click Save Web Notes in One Note, Favorites or Reading List or Share it thought Email or Twitterhow-to-use-web-notes-in-microsoft-5
  5. Click Exit

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