How to customize Program icon in Windows 10

Program icon usually presentable on your desktop, which allow you quickly start a program by double – click on it.  Program icon appear on desktop after a software installed successfully, it including an image and link to location of the software. All of them, of course, decide by vendor.


A good news is desktop icon can be change easily in Windows 10 and also previous version of Windows as following:

Finding your favorite icon

Windows use a specific type of image to make icon file, it’s ICO file type. and we have plenty of free website allow you convert image form the regular image file type .PNG to icon. is one of the best.

Just upload image and get icon immediately:

Create customize icon easily for

Change properties of exiting shortcut in on your Desktop

By changing properties of the exiting shortcut, you can change icon image or name.

  1. Right-click on the Shortcut, select Properties
  2. At shortcut tab windows, click Change icon, browser to location where you download icon in above
  3. Click OK, then OK again

Want to change the name? in Shortcut properties window, click General tab and typing name in it. The click OK

Change the name of shortcut

Now, you get a customize program icon as you want.

More Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Videos here:


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