How to control Home page in Microsoft Edge browser

Edge browser come in Widows 10 with new face, we can easily recognize this when Edge start. We missing home page and have a stranger look, so we need to bring somethings back.

New home page in Microsoft Edge

How to change Home page in Edge Browser

By default, start page showed when Edge opened, this including Search bar, New feed, Weather, Sport and Money card.

How to make Google is the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

It’s easy to change what content open with new tab in Microsoft Edge:

Reading less, just watching video:
  1. Click More Setting (three horizon dot) at the the right-upper corner, scroll down and choose Setting how-to-change-home-page-in-edge-browser-3
  2. Under Open Microsoft Edge with, select option which you want to appear when Edge start: New tab page, Previous page, A specific page or
  3. With A specific page or pages, you need typing one or more url how-to-change-home-page-in-edge-browser-5
  4. Exit Edge and re-open to see what change

How to bring home page button back in Microsoft Edge?

Home page button is hide in default setting of Edge, you can bring it back as followings:

  1. On Setting window, scroll down then click View advance settings under Advance settingsHow to change Home page in Edge Browser (6).jpg
  2. Switch Show the home button from “Off”to “On” using toggle

    How to change Home page in Edge Browser (7).jpg
    Home page button appear immediately when you switch “On”
  3. Choose the destination when you click on Home button: Start page, New tab page or A specific page
  4. Similar to select Home page appear, you need to typing url when choosing A specific page

    How to change Home page in Edge Browser (8).jpg
    Typing url then click Save

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