Windows 10 Tips: How to stop advertising in Windows 10

We had talk about advertising will be appeared in Windows 10: OneDrive ads appeared in Windows 10’s File Explorer.

No need to waiting for more time, you can easily see some ads in your Windows 10 computer right now: in Lock screen, Start Menu and maybe task bar.

Here is how you can disable advertising that Microsoft put them into Windows 10.

Stop advertising in Lock Screen

Windows Spotlight is the background option selected by default in Windows 10, that provides a big new wallpaper image from Bing search. Sometime, Windows Spotlight also display advertising, usually for Microsoft Edge.

Advertising placed in Windows 10 Lock Screen

To stop this behavior, change Lock Screen background option:

  • Open Setting/ Personalization/ Lock Screen
  • Choose Picture or Slideshow for Background option.

And then, select your favorite  pictures for No-advertising lock screen.

Choose Picture or Slideshow option for non-advertising lock screen

Stop suggested app in Start Menu

Windows 10 display suggested app – the advertisement app for Windows Store app or game –  below the most used app on the Start Menu

suggest app
Suggested app displayed in Start Menu in Windows 10

To remove this unnecessary suggested app, do as following:


  • Open Setting/ Personalization/ Start
  • Change the option titled “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” to Off


Change the option titled to stop seeing Suggested app in Start Menu

For more customize your Start Menu in Windows 10:


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